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Salah Al Naamani


Dreamer Boy

Story of the Dreamer Boy is based on the true Story. In my childhood, I spent my time learning how to debate and to make evidence of true stories in life. In 2002 I tried to write a book based on the true story. The book was kept since then never published. I decided to publish the life of a dreamer boy book in 2018. That's, when I was interested, to continue to become a writer and Education Consulting.


I spent more than 8 years in the field of education and brought my skills, knowledge, and compassion to educational consulting recently participated in a project to reimagine education for Omani schools. And began my career as a private Institute as consultant and moved on to being a member of the Board at Swift English Institute.

I consulted with a number of academic institutions including Eagles Muscat and Dana Training Institute and  lectured throughout the country on services for Health safety & environment courses for students & Employees in Oil and Gas and Construction Companies.

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